Permanent, Stand-Alone Interactive Exhibits

Leaving Earth

In this exhibit, we’ll take you through the story of space travel. You’ll see memorabilia and interactive pieces that let you experience the science and technology required to reach new heights and other worlds. From operating a working, robotic arm to models and designs of actual space ships. You’ll be able to experience the feel of exploring the universe right here from downtown Lafayette!

Virtual Aquarium

Whereas most exhibit guides would frown upon visitors disturbing the fish, we encourage our visitors to tap on the glass of our new salt water virtual aquarium. The responses from the fish range from curiosity to fight or flight. There's even a Moray Eel lurking at the bottom waiting for an unsuspecting visitor.

Geology Exposed

Take a tour through millions of years of history with Geology Exposed. In this exhibit, you’ll touch, explore, and see minerals and rocks that have been found all over the world. Explore the inside of crystallized minerals and take an up-close view of real petrified wood. See the beauty the earth has to offer if you’re willing to dig a little deeper through the crust. 


Meteorite Exhibit

See meteorites and tektites from around the world. Learn about impacts on Earth and the great meteor of 1957.

Printable Meteorite Exhibit Introduction (Will print best on legal paper, landscape)

Printable Meteorite Exhibit Guide (Will print best on legal paper, portrait)


Planetarium Mini-Exhibit


Scientists usually study the universe beyond Earth from afar, but sometimes it comes to us!  LSM’s collection of meteorites, rock, and metal debris fallen from space, awaits you outside the planetarium on the second floor of the museum.  Look for astronomy and space mini-exhibits near the planetarium, too, with changing topics ranging from space flight to the farthest reaches of the universe.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette / Lafayette Science Museum Partnership Exhibits  •  Coming Soon

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