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Fossil Giants: Dinosaurs & Mammals


The third and final installment of Fossil Giants: Dinosaurs & Mammals will open on April 2, 2016.

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When you visit our featured exhibit, “Fossil Giants: Dinosaurs and Mammals,” you may find yourself nose to tusk with a mastodon. Or toe to claw with a cave bear.

This exhibit has entered its third and final year with a breathtaking glimpse into the age of mammals: the Cenozoic, which began 65 million years ago. The centerpiece is a life-size model of a mastodon skeleton paired with fossils of mastodon teeth, including one from a specimen found near Avery Island, Louisiana. You can also get acquainted with a giant ground sloth, ancient rhinos and cattle, and an ancient camel. You might even see Homo sapiens at work uncovering the secrets of the past. That’s because the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s paleontology laboratory is adjacent to the exhibit. This laboratory is where faculty and students prepare fossils for research, storage and display.

“Fossil Giants” was produced in partnership with UL Lafayette’s School of Geosciences. Previous exhibits featured the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods, documenting the evolution of dinosaurs.