Observe the Sky

At the Lafayette Science Museum, we encourage you to be an astronomer — right from your own backyard! Below you'll find information to help you continue to discover our universe, just by looking up!

Night Sky Events

Watch the Moon Block Our View of Venus!

Night Sky Events Handout

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Night Sky Checklists

Checklist Guidelines & Instructions
January to March Checklist
April to June Checklist
July to September Checklist
October to December Checklist
Year-Round Checklist

Lunar Top 10 for Backyard Telescopes

The Lunar Terminator
The Great Peninsula
The Western Seas
Mare Imbrium
Impact Craters
Rayed Craters
Apollo Landing Sites
Mare Nectaris
Straight Wall

Star Maps

January Star Maps
February Star Maps
March Star Maps
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Lafayette Clear Sky Chart

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