Three days in a row! Seven planetarium programs a day! Summer TV binge-watching got you down? Come to the Lafayette Science Museum for some educational binge-watching! From Tuesday, August 1 through Thursday, August 3, our Planetarium is running back-to-back showings of all our favorite programs. Topics include constellations, telescopes, planets, stars, galaxies, space flight, and more - pick your preference or see 'em all.  Check out the complete list below!


DATES: August 1, 3, & 3

TIMES: Complete Schedule Below

AGES: All welcome, but programs are not recommended for pre-schoolers

LOCATION: Lafayette Science Museum Planetarium

COST: Free with regular entry to Museum


Planetarium Marathon Schedule

*Children’s program. People of all ages are welcome, but the program is best for elementary school children.

Download the Schedule HERE.

Download the Program Descriptions HERE.