Planetarium Programs 

Printable Planetarium Program Schedule with Program Times - OCTOBER, NOVEMBER, DECEMBER 2016 (prints best on legal-sized paper)

Saturday Morning Kids’ Special—Programs aimed at elementary school aged children:
Flight Adventures
Discover the science of flight through the eyes of a young girl and her grandfather as they explore how birds, kites, planes, and models fly. Learn about the history and future of flight and how NASA is discovering new and safer ways to travel with the help of future engineers and aviators - like you! Produced by the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.

Larry Cat in Space
Follow the adventures of Larry Cat as he sneaks into a spacecraft to follow his human to a moon base. Learn about the moon - or, as cats call it, the “meeoon!” Created by Loch Ness Productions.
Programs for the General Public:
Back to the Moon for Good
Discover the Apollo era and what it taught us about the moon, then learn about the 30 million dollar Google Lunar X Prize offered to the first team who can land a private spacecraft on the moon and perform specific tasks! Who will win the Google Lunar X Prize? Produced by NSC Creative.

Dawn of the Space Age
Return with us to the Space Race and the early days of Soviet and American space exploration. Witness the launch of Sputnik 1 and the flights of Vostok, Voskhod, and Gemini. Beat the Russians to the moon with Apollo, see the International Space Station, and look ahead to the upcoming age of commercial space flight! Produced by Mirage 3D.

Astronomers estimate that about 25 million meteors enter Earth’s atmosphere every 24 hours, beautiful and harmless. However, over 150 impact craters are known on Earth and potentially hazardous objects whisk by our planet every month. Impactors helped bring water to our young planet but also are implicated in mass extinctions. Learn more! Produced by GeoGraphics Imaging & Consulting.

The First Stargazers
Journey back in time to explore how the ancients experienced the sky, guided by a friendly time traveler who has visited Earth many times before. Witness an early stargazer making a Moon calendar out of animal bone 30,000 years ago. Discover the sky alignments of the pyramids of Giza, the Parthenon, the Alexandria Library, Stonehenge and Abu Simbel Temple, and be inspired by the early stargazers. Produced by the Milwaukee Public Museum.

From Earth to the Universe
The night sky has been the subject of wonder and awe for as long as there have been people, perhaps humanity’s oldest shared intellectual experience. Yet only recently have we truly begun to grasp our place in the vast cosmos. Learn about this journey of celestial discovery, from the theories of the ancient Greek astronomers to today’s grandest telescopes. Produced by the European Southern Observatory.

The Modern Universe
Different every time, this live program is about our modern understanding of space and the universe. Questions welcomed! The sun? Saturn? Exoplanets? Galaxies? What would you like to learn today?

Short Stuff
Three different programs on three different topics, each under 15 minutes long: “Journey to the Center of the Milky Way,” “Solar Quest,” and NASA’s “Journey to Mars.” Start at our sun and head outbound! Produced by the European Southern Observatory, the Carnegie Science Center, and NASA.

The Sky Tonight
This live presentation introduces visitors to evening constellations, bright stars, and planets.


Planetarium Special Events 

Printable Planetarium Activities Schedule (prints best on letter-sized paper) 

International Observe the Moon Night & ArtWalk

International Observe the Moon Night is an annual worldwide event held in conjunction with NASA and the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, occurring this year during an ArtWalk! The Museum’s 1st floor exhibits will be open, there will be two brief moon talks, and the UL Lafayette Physics Department will have some hands-on activities, all coupled with telescopes for moon viewing (weather permitting).
Location:   Lafayette Science Museum & Parc Sans Souci
Date:   Saturday, October 8
Times:   Museum Exhibits Open 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Telescopes in Parc Sans Souci 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
“Next Year’s Solar Eclipse” 7:00 - 7:15 p.m. (Museum Auditorium)
“The Moon Tonight” 7:30 - 7:45 p.m. (Museum Auditorium)
Ages:    Families welcome
Cost:   FREE

Downtown Alive & UL Lafayette Homecoming Astronomy
Look for our telescope in the crowd! Weather permitting, we may spot Venus just before it sets. After that, we’ll look for the thin crescent moon, Mars, and more.
Date:   Friday, November 4
Time:   5:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Location:   Parc Sans Souci
Ages:   All welcome
Cost:   FREE

Thanksgiving Eve Telescope in Parc Sans Souci
Look for our telescope in the crowd! Weather permitting, we may spot Venus just before it sets, then Mars and more.
Date:   Wednesday, November 23
Time:   5:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Location:   Parc Sans Souci
Ages:   All welcome
Cost:    FREE

OCRA Festival of Lights
If it’s a clear night, look for planetarium telescopes at our festival location near the Post Office. We’ll look for the moon, Venus, Mars, and more! Don’t forget to dress for evening temperatures.
Date:   Friday, December 2
Time:   Dusk to about 9:00 p.m.
Location:   Coolidge St., on the median at the corner of Audubon Street, near the US Post Office
Ages:   All welcome
Cost:   FREE

Globe at Night at Home!

Globe at Night is a worldwide study of light pollution and its effect on the night sky. By making and reporting simple observations of well-known constellations from your home, you can provide some of the data scientists need. There are worldwide Globe at Night campaigns every month, and the next dates are April 9-18, May 9-18, June 8-17. For further information and to download a Family Activity Packet suitable for families and school classes, go to the Globe at Night website at

The Telescope Line and Facebook

If the weather’s bad, has a telescope viewing been cancelled? Call 337-291-5544 during Museum hours to find out!  Cancellations will also be announced on the Lafayette Science Museum Facebook page.